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Truelite -Touching 5million lives globally

Providing solar lighting to the rural and urban lives across the world. 

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truelite solar

truelite solar

Providing solar lighting to the rural and urban lives across the world.

THOR Smart Solar Street Light

THOR Smart Solar Street Light

True revolution in solar roadway lighting - Truelite’s THOR smart solar LED street light is the most advanced form of solar roadway lighting available, that integrates a lithium battery and smart controller into the light head that can provide up to 15000 lumens and 24 hours of battery backup in a completely automated operation.

4G All in One Smart Solar Light

4G All in One Smart Solar Light

Our 4th Generation All in One Integrated Solar Street Light with Advanced Lighting Capability, Built In Lithium Battery Bank, Built In MPPT Charge Controller, Philips Lumiled High Power LED, 130 Lumens Per Watt

Truelite Solar  Carport  LED Light

Truelite Solar Carport LED Light

Truelite Solar Carport Light is adapted from our most successful 4G Led Street Light built on the same platform is an answer to a vast solar lighting applications in urban and rural living. Truelite Solar Carport has inbuilt Lithium battery and charge controller integrated with high power led source makes the light a unique weather proof lighting fixture with the advantage of solar. The easy MC4 plug in set up makes the light extremely easy for installation and portability.

Albina Series

Albina Series

Albina is our IP 67 DC Luminaire with 10 years warranty satisfy all statute requirements for Government Projects in the region.

Freyr  Series

Freyr Series

Truelite Freyr cobra head design is one of our unique design for your cost effective requirement in pathways and narrow roadways with IP 65 capability and simple design. The patented own design comes with all standard features and certifications and warranted for 5 years. Freyr is quipped with Philips Rebel LED light Source and Philips power supply and is available from 20 watts to 80 watts.

Client: DP World, Main Contractor: BAM International, Featuring : Truelite Albina TLSLD 120W x 2 at 12 M Pole

Solar Mounting Structures

Solar Mounting Structures

Truelite Solar can provide solar mounting structures with customized design for any of the panel size with position and angle tilting adjustments to follow the sun for any installations.

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Recent Projects

Recent Projects

Dubai South UAE

Featuring : Truelite Albina TLSLD 40W x 2

at 6 M Pole

Featuring : Truelite Albina TLSLD 60W x 1

at 6 M Pole

DP World UAE

Featuring : Truelite Albina TLSLD 120W x 2

at 12 M Pole

Truelite has pleasure in sharing our success stories with our esteemed  clients who will vouch for our quality, delivery and competence in our areas of expertise

Abot Us

About Us

Truelite Solar is an initiative owned by Truelite America LLC,NV, USA for Solar Lighting Applications with key focus on Solar Street Lighting. Having identified the need for an authentic solar street lighting provider in the region, Truelite Solar emerges as one of the pioneer companies in Solar Street Lighting in GCC and MENA region with more than 12000 successful installations.


The massive energy saving and numerable benefits associated in solar street lighting attracts emerging economies to use solar technology into the public area lighting, however lack of expertise and long integration made some early trials failed in the region. This was the time when Truelite emerges as the most trusted Solar Street lighting Integrator with systems installed  is successfully working and exceeding the expectations. Thanks of the 50 check point list developed by our Solar RD team for the fool proof system design and perfect installations and guidelines.

Solar Advantage

Truelite Solar Advantage

Why Truelite Solar ?

The major advantage with Truelite solar is the ability to find solutions for any challenging  street lighting requirements without diluting the system design and works as ONE Stop shop for the entire turnkey solution. Truelite Solar can design, develop, integrate and Install Solar Street Lighting System with as little information as to send a location map of your site. Truelite solar has wide range of DC luminaire designs to meet any projects with compatible Photovoltaics, HDG poles, battery management systems, mounting structures, battery enclosures and all accessories with cables, connectors and dimming technologies.  While providing the complete solutions under one roof, we strive to maintain the quality and proper compatibility and integration of components and above all minimize and control cost and the benefit is transferred to our clients, is the reason why we are the most economical solar integrator with high quality product.


Truelite Solar is the most preferred Solar Street Light integrator for major consultants and government  agencies in the region with many successful installations added to our credits for them.


Click here to learn more about  our recent projects and case studies.

The Company

Truelite America LLC NV , USA 

Truelite is a fast growing technology company focused on Green Energy Concepts and LED Lighting. We are a Brand, a System Integrator and an Interface delivering the cutting edge solutions in the Lighting and Solar Energy Industry. Truelite as a renowned brand for LED lighting is incorporated in Las Vegas, USA, the City of Lights.


Truelite product line is designed and developed by a team of highly talented professionals from lighting industry, solar power generation and our in house R&D engineers, made in the state of the art manufacturing facilities with best quality components carefully chosen across the world. Truelite products are certified by all leading agencies for statutory requirements for every market we sell.


Truelite Energy Trading LLC , Dubai, UAE 

Truelite Energy, MENA is a fully owned subsidiary of Truelite America LLC, with active local participation in the management and the functioning with specific activities for the region, major focus on Green Energy Concepts, LED Lighting and Solar Solutions.


Truelite Energy Innovations Pvt. Ltd Kochi, India - The subcontinent office serves the region with more emphasis on LED Lighting and retail presence for LED lighting.


The Company

Our Partners

Our Partner

Our Clients

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Our Clients
Concept to Delivery

Solar Street Lighting

Concept to Delivery

Truelite offers a reliable and sustainable solution for Street Lighting powered on Solar Energy​

DC Street Lights

Luminaire  Options  ( Certifications ) 

Truelite Albina LED Street Light

Albina is our IP 67 DC Luminaire with 10 years  warranty satisfy all statute requirements for Government  Projects in the region.

Freyr cobra head design is one of our unique design for your cost effective requirement in pathways and narrow roadways with IP 65 capability and simple design. 

Solar street light in Dubai, UAE

Solar Charge Controllers



Mounting Structures


Battery Banks  

Steel/ Aluminium

Solar Panels

Canadian / EC Solar

Light Poles 

customized  design

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