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Project Management

At Truelite, we provide complete project management turn key solutions to the clients with design to commissioning  and maintain Solar Street Lighting systems.


We vist each site for the fool proof understanding of the location, feasibility of Solar Off Grid Lighting and make a comprehensive submittal with our 50 point checklist.

We incorporate our analysis with the clients specification into a complete  lighting study for the required lux requirement, distance of the poles, height of the poles, lighting distribution of the luminaire , angle of the solar panels, foundation of the Poles , uniformity of the lights. These findings then converted into a report for the better understanding of the decision maker incorporated in the submittal.

Lighting Study - Dialux Report 


Solar feasibility study

We also study the solar power generation at the particular location and the availability of the PSH ( Peak Sunshine Hours ) required for the project power generation.

A Complete submittal is provided with the selection and design of each component in the system required for the successful integration of the system. Clients are offered a variety of optional brands to choose from based on their financial budgeting and quality specs. All the components used in the Truelite Solar integrations are certified and approved by the statute requirements of the market.

Integration of the components


Site Analysis 


Obtain necessary consultant approvals

Truelite products are approved and specified by major consultants in the region over a period time with our many association with clients and contractors with our successful instalaltions and if any projects needs particular approvals, we may obtain, or provide support for the same.

We provide the clients with written warranty certificates as a proof for our claims and make sure every clients / partner has a comfortable association with Truelite and exceeds their expectations.





Pre qualification documentations



We provide periodic check for the systems installed and make sure all the components works fine and also calls up in case of service requirements.

Our technical team can support, train and assist the client side technicians for installation and maintainace of the systems or we directly supervise and guide to the completion of the project.

Installation and Commissioning



Estimate and Costing

Truelite is the most preferred and most economical Solar Street Lighting Integrator in the region with approved quality components and unmatched warranty standards. Our estimates are carefully analyzed and made most reasonable to a successful bid for our clients and partners.

Truelite can support you with providing a complete submittal, all relevant data sheets, test certifications, drawings and sampling of the products and material approval for projects and thus ensure the quality in every aspect of our integration.



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