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Pole Integrated Solar Systems

55W I 100W I 140 W

Sun Wrap – Pole Integrated Solar Systems from Truelite - are our most advanced and innovative solar modules for various pole mounted PV applications. Sun Wrap’s patented design, manufactured to high quality standards, can meet decorative and high-end application - especially for area and garden lighting without compromising aesthetics.


Sun Wrap is the outcome of our constant R&D in Solar Lighting, equipped with highly efficient solar modules in a hexagonal aluminium die cast structure for maximum performance, strength and durability in many challenging applications.


Sun Wrap can be integrated into any pole shapes and dimensions, making the system almost universal, and the detachable and light weight design helps for easy and simple installation for a complete maintenance free life. 


Universal application

Sun Wrap can be used in any type of poles and designs. Poles can be sourced separately, while the detachable design with adjustable spacing brackets  makes  the mounting of the Sun Wrap easy in every instance. Sun Wrap can be installed even in existing poles without dismantling them making the application even more universal.


Scalability of the systems

Sun Wrap can be scaled with multiple units to get the desired panel sizing for higher applications.


Design aesthetics

The relatively large area of solar panels on the pole top has previously excluded solar lighting as an option for areas where design, aesthetics and decorative lighting applications are key factors. Sun Wrap Module Systems is the real answer which is compact and fully integrates on to the pole and available in custom colors to match the design of the pole.


Easy installation

No separate mounting brackets required to install the Sun Wrap as the brackets are integrated in to the system.

Asset 1_288x-8.png

High efficient solar module

Sun Wrap is equipped with highly efficient solar modules to generate the maximum power to meet various application requirements. The hexagonal structure with wide angle placement of modules increases the surface area for capturing the sun from all directions.


Patented design

Sun Wrap Pole Integrated Module Systems are fully patented design and manufactured in high standards.

Product specifications
SunWrap product.png
Product dimensions
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