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Solar Charge Controllers

PWM Solar Charge controller

  • Mode No: TLSL_PWM_10A&20A

  • The design of IP68 waterproof level and aluminum shell helps effectively prevent erosion.

  • 12 V/24 V system voltage.

  • LED numeric display and waterproof keys are easy to use.

  • An upgraded 3-stage PWM charging algorithm applies an equalizing charge to the battery

  • Every week, effectively preventing the battery from non-equalization and sulfureting and

  • Therefore extending the battery's service life.

  • Up to 5 load working modes facilitate the product's application to different types of road lamps

  • And monitoring devices.

  • Charging program options are available for sealed, GEL and flooded lead-acid batteries and

  • Ternary-material lithium and lithium iron phosphate batteries.

  • An external temperature sensor helps deliver high-precision temperature compensation.

  • Parameter settings of power-down saving functions eliminate the trouble of repeated settings,

  • Making operation easy and convenient.

  • Various kinds of state indicators.

  • Overcharge, over-discharge and overload protection, as well as short-circuit and reverse connection

  • Protection.

  •  TVS lighting protection

MPPT Solar Charge controller

  • Mode No : TLMPC_MPPT_10A&15A

  • Support both lead acid (Gel included) and lithium battery both for 12V and 24V system.

  • Adopts MPPT charging method, which supports the Voc of solar panel≤75V.

  • With step-up constant current source for output, which can drive 18 LEDs in series.

  • Multi-crest MPPT tech, adapts to the solar panel which is under shadow or partly

  • Damaged.

  • 4 levels dimming design (including morning lighting).

  • IR remote control: for parameter setting, parameter reading and historical data checking.

  • Auto identify day/night.

  • Very low dormancy loss: 0.06W.

  • Protections: IP68, over charge/over discharge protection, reverse connection

  • Protection, reverse charging protection, over load/over current protection, short circuit /

  • Open circuit protection, over temperature protection, TVS lighting protection.

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